The Live Happii Project

The Live Happii Project is a Chicago non-profit that uses travel and a diverse array of holistic wellness practices to transform the lives of BIPOC youth.

What is Live Happii Week?

LHW is a fundraising event that aims to give adults an excuse to play and connect while also showing youth the benefits of holistic practices. Revenue from registration costs, raffles, and donations all benefit The Live Happii Project and their future events.

Mental health issues are rising rapidly, and inner-city BIPOC youth have reduced access to holistic wellness practices like yoga, qigong, meditation, and dance therapy. We teach them to seize control of their own health!

Most adults stop playing after grade school, leading to dissatisfaction and a lack of joy in their everyday lives. In Chicago, there is also minimal access to nature and green spaces, which exacerbates play inequity among youth. Live Happii Week aims to address this by promoting play for all ages, ensuring that both adults and youth have the opportunity to engage in joyful, playful activities in accessible green spaces.

  • Experience the healing benefits of Nature
  • Learn holistic practices to support their overall wellbeing
  • Develop a more positive outlook on life
  • Have fun, uplifting experiences in their community

2024 Events Include:

  • Dance Therapy Workshop - Sept 19
  • Yoni Yoga Workshop - Sept 20
  • Live Happii Field Day! - Sept 21
  • Holistic Track & Field Camp Sept 22
  • Personal Development Weekend Retreat Sept 26-29

Dance Therapy

Using the principles of the five elements, fire, earth, water, air, and SPACE, we move through stagnation, pain, aches, and trauma.

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Adult Yoni Yoga

This adult yoni yoga class will help women reclaim ownership over their body, and cultivate a deep sense of self-love, healing, and spiritual growth

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Field Day!

Join us for an old-fashioned Field Day! An uplifting day of food, fun, music, and games!

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Holistic Track and Field Camp

Come train your mind, body, & soul with Olympian and World Championship Medalist Tori Franklin.

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Holistic Leadership Retreat

A 3-day retreat for young people to experience the healing power of Nature, learn holistic wellness tools, and develop a deeper connection to themselves.

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